Revenue Cycle Management

All businesses must comply with proper accounting principles and meet certain requirements while ensuring the cash flow and profits needed to sustain the business. You can count on Healthcare Partner Consulting for expert advice in revenue management compliance.

Medical Coding & Billing/ ICD-10

We provide remote or on-site medical billing and coding for your practice.

Denial Management

Is your practice still struggling with denial claims and leaving money on the table?

Most practices struggle with managing their denied claims.  However, there is hope in the form of tried and true techniques in management and prevention.

Healthcare Management

Whether your service is located in-house or is outsourced, you should expect dependable performance, accountability and outstanding results from your billing office. Healthcare Partner Consulting Group offers affordable Healthcare Management Consulting Solutions for virtually all medical specialties.


Successfully start to navigate your MIPS & APMs.

Value-Based Healthcare

Need help navigating the variables that can be complex and be costing your practice lots of lost revenue?

RCM Analysis Strategy

Do you want your reimbursement process to be streamlined with analytical insights that make it simple and straightforward?